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*It is late afternoon, and Annette and Stanley are in Central Park. Annette is holding a small bouquet of flowers. No prizes for guessing who grew them.

Annette is smiling at Stanley.*

You are a good friend, Stanley. Despite what happened, I do not regret our time spent together.

You saved me a few times, Annette. I don't regret meeting you either!

We're going to keep on saving each other, Stanley. We haven't seen the last of those monsters, I don't think. We need to come up with a plan, and get rid of them once and for all.

*Much as Stanley hated to admit it, Annette was right. If there's one thing he learned, it's that bad things don't always go away on their own and you need to fight for your right to party yourself, your friends, and your livelihood.*

How are we going to do that? We don't know where they are, what they're up to, or even if they are still, you know, around.

*Annette crosses her arms, thinking.*

We are going to need to lure them out, somehow. We know so far that they showed themselves when there was a lot of people, but this is New York.

Maybe we should go around, see if there is anything out of the ordinary going on.

That's our only option now, I think.


*New York's harbour. It needs no introduction.

Our heroes are looking around.*

We've already swept the surrounding area. Maybe one of the dock hands can tell us if anything's weird.

You know, maybe the Bad Trolls aren't doing bad things today.

*Annette arches a brow.*

Just a thought.
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That's a lot of wagons!

Those are called cars. And right now, they're not moving.

*It's yet another busy New York street! One caught in a classic deadlock, and if your character doesn't know why that's bad, well they will after hearing the constant cursing from the many drivers.*

Right. So these cars, why aren't they moving?

It's because the cannot just simply drive over each other. They have to wait until space opens up. Only, it's not opening up, as there are too many cars.

For this street, it's sort of weird that this happened, now that I think about it.

So all they need is space!

You're going to give it to them!

*Stanley blinks.*

I'll give them space? How?

You make plants that will move the cars.

*Stanley looks at Annette.*

You need to make a web of plants that will pick up and move the cars out of the deadlock, and to more empty roads where they can drive in peace.

How do I do that?

Use your imagination, Stanley. Something like this is a great chance to learn how to help people with your powers. With the Bad Trolls causing trouble, you might not get another chance.

*Stanley thinks for a moment, then applies his Thumb to the ground.

Something that resembles nets made of vines grow themselves between the buildings above the street, and people stop talking in favour of staring. Then more vines reach down, start grabbing cars, and like a really wide crane they start moving vehicles out of the deadlock and to less congested roads beyond. People stop screaming once they realize what is happening.*

Yes, Stanley! Something like that!

[You know the drill]
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*It is a bright and early morning, and Annette, the girl who was last seen talking to Stanley, is again talking to Stanley. Both of them are at the harbour of New York, the ocean in the background.*

It sure was nice of you to show me the harbour at this time! I never saw the sunrise over the ocean before!

Thank you.

*Annette is clutching something in her hand. Stanley notices.*

Say, what's that you have there?

*Annette jumps a little.*

Oh, this?

*She opens her hand, revealing a glass bracelet.*

This... this is a present from my grandmother. She gave it to me when I was nine for my birthday.

She must be a very nice lady.

*Annette nods.* She is. I often carry it with me. It, well, it reminds me of her.

*But before either of them can say anything else, screams erupt from behind them. Alarmed, they both turn around.

Bad Trolls are marauding around the streets, kicking things, tearing up pavement, throwing things at people, and generally wrecking the place and making a menace of themselves. Two particularly big Trolls are in the middle of the horde, they are barking orders at the other Bad Trolls.*

Come on, step it up! Make more people panic! This goes for you too, Boulderbutter!

*The aforementioned Troll responds.*

Sure thing, Blisterboil.

*Stanley grabs Annette's free hand.*

Come on! You've got to hide; these are Bad Trolls!

Why are they doing this?

*Annette's question would not be answered for now. Both her and Stanley run for a secluded alleyway, and then enter. Unfortunately, a Bad Troll has followed them in. He snatches the bracelet from Annette, throws it on the ground, and stomps on it. While Annette is standing there in shock, Stanley steps in front of her.*


That, that wasn't very nice - whoa!

*Sneering, the Bad Troll pciks up Stanley and starts dangling him. In a panic, he flails and accidentally tags the Bad Troll with the Green Thumb. A vine wraps around the surprised Bad Troll (surprised enough to drop Stanley) and flings him HARD out of the alleyway. Both Annettte and Stanley are rather dumbfounded by this development, but then their attention turns to the shattered bracelet. Annette picks it up, sorrow in her eyes, but then Stanley perks up.*

I can fix a boat. Let me fix your bracelet!

You can do that?

*Stanley applies his Thumb to the pieces of the bracelet, and sure enough, it begins to ressemble itself befiore Annette's eyes. However, due to mysterious circumstances, the gixed bracelet doesn't look like how it was before.

No, this once plain bracelet is now a band of beautiful buckbeans, and one of the links is a small orb. Inside the orb is a glowing buckbean flower.*

What happened?

I, I don't know! I didn't want to fix it like this!

*The screaming outside continues.*

[OOC:All right, this is the beginning of Stanley's mutant Sailor Moon virus! There will be two threads started by me later on in this post: a boss fight against the Monster of the Day, and the aftermath. For now, feel free to engage the Bad Trolls and their leader, and the virus can provide the worldhop. <3]
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Long long post! )

TL;DR Do you want Stanley to unlock epic plant powers y/n?


Mar. 30th, 2013 04:44 pm
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This is an all-purpose criticism post for Stanley! Feel that he's too out of character? Do you have something to say about how I play him? Post here!
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Physical Appearance:
What you see in the icons is what you get. Stanley has no alternate forms, he's the midget he looks to be.

Medical Info:
Perfectly healthy and not stoned Troll!

What's Okay To Mention Around Him:
Stanley is taken post-movie, so don't be afraid to go LOL U R FROM A MOVIE. His movie is obscure as hell, though. I can't see the vast majority being able to recognize him.

He's a reasonably athletic (if not particularly strong) midget, with all that that entails. He also has the Green Thumb, which due to its nature gets its own post.

Bodyswitching, kissing, injuring, killing:
Bodyswitching is okay. Kissing will be taken as a sign of affection, but keep out anything overtly sexual. He's from a kid's movie, he wouldn't know what to do!

Nono to killing :( Injury might be okay depending on what it is. Maiming, permanent crippling, disfiguring is vetoed. However, cracky comedic violence is acceptable!

Psychics/mind reading:
He's an open book! He tends to say what he thinks anyway, so yeah.
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